Provably Fair Gambling Blockchain Technology

Online casino players and bettors sometimes fear that they are going to be cheated by their chosen online casino venue or by their chosen mobile platform at which they place wagers. This is completely understandable as from a technical viewpoint it is very easy for online casinos to cheat and make you lose. These things do not happen in the world of cryptocurrency online and mobile gaming as the community has a great solution for these kinds of issues named provably fair. This is an amazing tool you can use that enables all player to verify every roll result, so you can always make sure that you are playing fair games and that you are not cheated by your chosen online venue.

When playing your games at some provably fair mobile platform or online casino, it means that you can know for sure that you are not cheated by any means just with the massive power of mathematics. There are many cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology-powered venue which offer provable fairness, so you can rest assured that nothing is going wrong. This system of provable fairness arguably is one of the greatest online betting, online casino, and mobile betting developments. This system is widely used by Bitcoin and other digital currencies venues, but it is about to become a standard among those traditional online casino venues as well not just those venue offering virtual currencies banking methods.

How Does Provable Fair Technology Work?

This provable fair technology utilized by online casinos and mobile gambling platforms are definitely revolutionizing the world of online betting. The technology arose from the establishment of blockchain technology on which all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are based upon. For all players, this technology means a great revolution bringing greater accountability, fair playing, instant payouts, anti-cheating guaranteed and other benefits which are not always seen at those traditional online gambling venues that do not use this revolutionizing technology.

Those online betting sites and mobile gambling platforms using this technology allows the public to see all outcomes based on a secret number and based on the player’s input. This secret number involved is disclosed as well as changes every time before the next round begins. This means that provable technology utilized by blockchain technology-backed up venue ensures you to greater security when playing your games, so you can rest assured that you are not being cheated. Provable online casino venues and mobile gambling sites commonly use your transaction ID as your ticket in addition to your input in order to predict outcomes. At provable online casino venues using this technology, you can rest assured that the results you see are not staged by any means.

Originally, people playing dice games see the results generated by the venues and player just need to trust that the results they see are generated fairly by the venues themselves. However, at provable online casino venues, you do not have to rely solely on the casino’s server generating a random number, but you can take the matter into your own hands. This works by entering the seeds. Before you place your wager, you generate random numbers that are called seeds. There is a specific client see and another server seed. You can choose whichever you like. These two seeds are in fact used for creating that final random number. It should be noted that different venues and mobile platforms combine these seeds differently. However, no matter which system they use for combining those seeds, the result of every bet you place at provable fair venues is your and the casino’s team effort which ultimately means that the venue no longer has that entire control over the random number generator system utilized for generating outcomes.

Calculating and Verifying the Roll Results

Besides those server seeds and client seeds, some venues also use nonce seeds which is a certain number increasing with every wager you make. Before you start placing your wagers, you will get your encrypted server seeds hash. You get it in advance, so your chosen venue cannot change it. Your hash is encrypted, so you can only calculate the roll results afterward. Once you have your server seed hash, your browser will instantly generate your random client seed. Moreover, you can adjust them on your own before making wagers. If you make a wager the nonce start with zero or one depending on your chosen venue. After ever wager you make, your nonce number will increase by one.

When it comes to calculating your roll results, dice websites commonly use three variables to do so, nonce, server and client seeds. For your first bet, the nonce is zero while for your following bets, the nonce is changed from zero to one, one to two and so on. This system will generate random and completely different outcomes every time you wager on some outcome. After every wagering session, you need to verify your generated roll results. In order to do so, you have to generate a completely new server seed hash which will reveal all of those old server seed hashes used during your betting session. In order to verify your results, you need to create your hash of that unhashed server seed. In order to do so, you can use one of many online tools. Once you have the result, you need to generate every roll result and compare them to those rolls you generated on the website. These calculations can be done by Provably Fair tools or verifiers including BitSler, BetKing, Coinroll, and others.

Last update: 12. april, 2020