Best Sportsbooks that Accept Crypto and Canadian Bettors

By now, even those average sports bettors know all about digital currencies, mainly Bitcoin. Some bettors already used virtual currencies for wagering on their favorite sports mostly to sending their funds to some offshore sportsbooks. There are different types of sportsbooks that accept altcoins. In addition, there is also a whole another generation of entirely decentralized sportsbetting websites coming which will most certainly become mainstream in the future thanks to their betting systems which come with no hassle whatsoever.

Online sports betting sites commonly use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for fast, safe & secure transactions. This works great for both bettors and sportsbooks as there is hassle involve from banks or other financial institutions which is the case when betting using those traditional banking methods. These sportsbooks also offer easy, fast and secure transactions that come with less or no fees at all attached which is not the case when using fiat currencies. In general, at crypto sportsbooks waiting time for deposits and withdrawals is much faster, taking place within several hours of making a request which is not the case when using those traditional methods. Therefore, more and more sportsbooks decided to hop on the bandwagon and embrace virtual currencies payments, so today you have a massive choice when it comes to choosing your sportsbook. Due to the large number of options, you can easily make the wrong choice. Fortunately, you can follow our best sportsbooks guide to avoid making mistakes.

Types of Crypto Sportsbooks

As already mentioned, there are several different types of sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The most popular ones are definitely offshore online betting sites that have been around for a while now. Some of these sites accept Bitcoin and Ethereum among other digital currencies as their main banking options in addition to fiat currencies. When betting on these platforms, once your altcoins arrive, they are converted into some fiat currency such as USD or EUR. Due to this reason, when you are betting on these sites, you, in fact, avoid all those currency risks. Once you withdraw your funds, your funds are once again transferred to Bitcoin and almost instantly added to your digital currencies wallet. This way is the way that majority of sports bettors use digital currencies for their sports betting activities.

Besides these offshore sportsbetting sites that are friendly to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, there is another popular type named pure Bitcoin or pure crypto sportsbooks. These types of sportsbetting are definitely on the rise following the introduction of more and more virtual currencies. Pure Bitcoin or pure crypto sportsbooks does not utilize fiat currencies at all. When betting on these platforms, your funds are always in some cryptocurrency and all of your wagers are taken in your preferred cryptocurrency which differs from those offshore sportsbooks that utilize fiat currencies in addition to cryptocurrencies. Another type of crypto sportsbooks which is definitely on the rise is decentral sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are still in development stages, so there are no examples of decentral sportsbooks with massive betting volumes yet. At these platforms, you do not bet with cryptocurrencies, but you bet using tokens. Therefore, in order to bet on your favorite sports at these venues, you need tokens first. Very similar to those pure crypto sportsbooks, at these decentral sportsbooks, all bets and balances are done using tokens.

Choose the Best Crypto Sportsbook

With so many crypto sportsbook around, finding the right one isn’t that simple. No matter which one of these sportsbooks you prefer, there are several quality marks you definitely should be looking for when searching for one. Some of the criteria you should take into your account include provably fairness, ability to bet without providing your personal details except your email address, lucrative bonuses and promotions, great content and selection of sports available and ease of gameplay. Finding sportsbooks that utilize all of this criteria should not be hard or time-consuming as there are many great sportsbooks offering great services.

All great crypto sportsbooks are provably fair, ensuring random results on all your bets. Betting at provably fair crypto sportsbetting sites means you can never get cheated. Every great crypto sportsbook also offers a complete anonymity, so you can register easily with just several clicks. These platforms commonly ask just for your email address and your other personal information if not required which means you get to enjoy greater security and privacy. The best crypto sportsbooks also offer amazing bonuses, rewards, promotions and prize giveaways to both new and loyal bettors. The best crypto sportsbooks are utilizing great sports selections with great content with all prominent sports activities available. At these sites ease of gameplay is highly present without any content loading errors, so you get to enjoy the best possible sportsbetting experience at any time.

When searching for your crypto sportsbook, make sure you check these criteria in order to make no mistakes. Additionally, make sure the sportsbook you choose has a 24/7 customer support system you can contact at any time. No matter which type of crypto sportsbook you decide to register at you get to enjoy great benefits such as greatly reduced currency risks, fast withdrawals, greatly reduced exit scams, greater privacy and security, great customer support and much more offering you’re the best possible online and mobile sportsbetting experience using Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

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Last update: 12. april, 2020