Playing Poker with Crypto in Canada

There are more than 100 million players who enjoy playing different types of poker. Online poker definitely takes this notion cranking it up as it offers exciting poker activities to all players that get to enjoy them without having any need to pay a visit to land-based casinos. In order to get in on the poker action, you just need to register at some online poker room or play poker at one of the thousands online casino venues offering more poker variants.

Poker is definitely the massive equalizer meant to be enjoyed by every single person who decided to play no matter whether you are young or old, woman or man. Poker is for everyone and the best poker actions take place at online casino venues and poker rooms you can join from the coziness of your home. Considering the popularity of online poker, there is no wonder why many mobile casinos offer players an opportunity to play different poker variants from their Android, Windows and iOS devices at any time whenever they like. With the rise of Bitcoin and other alternative currencies, many online and mobile casinos also offer playing poker using cryptocurrencies, so you get to enjoy easy, fast, anonymous and safe transactions with instant payouts.

How to Use Cryptocurrencies to Play Poker?

Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies have definitely taken off in the recent times becoming mainstream alternatives to physical currencies especially in the world of online poker. With the rise of altcoins, there is an increasing number of poker sites, online and mobile casinos accepting altcoins. There are also dedicated Bitcoin online casinos and poker sites emerging offering juts altcoins as their payment methods. This means you have a massive number of poker sites offering Bitcoin and other altcoins as the main banking method.

In order to start playing poker using alternative currencies, the first thing you need to do is to download your Bitcoin or another altcoin wallet. This digital wallet is just like your bank account you use for storing your altcoins, expect there is no any bank or regulating authority involved as with fiat currencies. There is a vast number of different altcoin wallets you can choose and each of them comes with very similar benefits that include more efficient, easy, fast and anonymous transactions which are the main idea behind Bitcoin and similar digital currencies.

Once you have your altcoin wallet downloaded, in order to engage in online or mobile poker activities, you need to fund your wallet with Bitcoin or some other digital currency. In order to do so, you can pay a visit to some altcoin exchange platform where you can buy as well as sell altcoins. Once you have bought Bitcoin or other digital currency your chosen exchange platform, you have to send your desired amount to your altcoin wallet. Once you have your altcoin wallet funded, you can start playing poker. You have to find a poker room or an online casino, register and connect your account to your funded altcoin wallet. Fortunately, there is plenty of online casinos and poker rooms accepting digital currencies, so you will have no issues finding your venue. If you prefer mobile games, these sites commonly offer the same options and banking methods for mobile users as well.

Beginning Your Bitcoin Poker Adventure

Considering the benefits of using Bitcoin and other digital currencies when playing poker, there is no any surprise in the fact that more and more poker sites both online and mobile include alternative currencies as their available payment methods. Several years ago, this idea of using digital currencies for playing online poker was a huge dream, but today it is this reality. Today, poker sites offering alternative currencies as their banking methods make things so much easier as well as more convenient for both poker rooms and players as using Bitcoin and other altcoins enables fast transactions with commonly low fees and a great level of anonymity.

These poker sites also offer fast payouts with funds reaching players in a matter of several minutes which is not the case when using traditional currencies or wire transfer that make take several days to be completed. This is extremely useful for players who play poker using their mobile devices especially African players because otherwise they commonly have to pay massive substantial surcharges and wait long times for their payouts to reach them. Thanks to digital wallets, African players can enjoy online and mobile poker games with safe, secure, and blazing-fast transactions.

Last update: 12. april, 2020