Onehash Canada Bitcoin Gambling Site & Casino Review

If you understand that things are not always the same, then you are on the route to understanding Onehash casino and sportsbook, and what they offer. They try to instill uniqueness in almost everything. During our review of the site, we discovered that it offers mutual betting which is available on dice games, casino, and sports. However, it takes things a notch higher by also providing betting on financial events and offering a platform for trading on crypto currencies. Every game offered in the site is provably fair. The entire site, accounts and finances are SSL encrypted. It involves a sleek design that loads and navigates easily, and which is hugely mobile friendly. The betting markets, especially sports, is vast, and the site is nothing but intuitive.

But, you have to understand that loud innovation and uniqueness comes with some errors. So, they don’t offer any loyalty program or reload bonus, they have a not too responsive or fast customer service, and their casino games are very few in number. Also, Onehash does not offer phone support, and payments cannot be done with fiat money.

Mobile Friendliness

Now, during the review, it also came to light that the Onehash mobile system is designed for all forms of devices and operating systems. So, users of android and windows Smartphones, IPads, IPods and iPhones, and tablets of different operating systems can access the games. The site’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to get where you want to go. Simplicity simply lives here. Another magic of web design and development noticed here is that to move from one sports market to the other, you can simply rotate your device. There are no bugs and lags in their mobile site, and it responds as soon as you give a command. Windows, iOS, android, blackberry, and Mac users can enjoy this.

Supported Crypto Currencies

Like other exclusive crypto casinos, this prohibits payment with the fiat money. Now, one other thing about this is that they offer what is called anonymous betting. The meaning of this is that you may not need to sign up with your details and become a member to place bets. Just enter your BTC wallet information here and you will have the chance to wager on games. Deposits and withdrawals are processed in minutes and come with no fees attached. The accepted coins here are Namecoin, Vertcoin, and Litecoin. Payments can also be made with Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Auroracoin.

Offered Games

They offer a very new and unique betting system that allows players to get involved in mutual betting with each other. Here, the casino games that account holders can enjoy are just four in number, and this is one of their major limitations. When you get to the website, you will see the links to the games in white letters by the right hand side. Click on any of the links and it will take you to the game’s board with names of current players and their wins. The games are dice, goals, moon and slot.

  • The Dice Game is just one and it’s from the Gaming Hub group.
  • The Goals Game involves choosing one side of the goalpost and kicking the ball into that area. If you score, you win, if not, you lose.
  • The next is the Moon Game in which you gain multipliers depending on the height your rocket reaches in search of the moon.
  • The fought is the Slot, which surprisingly involves a single three reels slot game, which has symbols of the different crypto currencies as the icons.

Offered Sports

Onehash has done a great job with the sportbook. Like other sportsbooks, it offers events on the popular sporting activities like tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, American football and others. Apart from these, other events like the combat sports, motorsports, and the prediction on the prices of crypto currencies can also be wagered on. Moving to the special games, you will have the e-sports that involves Overwatch, Dota 2, CS: GO and Lol. Special events that players can take a shot at are sports awards, political election results and many others.

Live Dealer Casino Games

There are no live dealer games in the casino angle. Of course, with the few casino games that have no representatives from table and card games, you don’t expect them to have the live dealer titles. However, in the sportsbetting angle, there is room for live betting. CryptoGamblors also learnt that trades on commodities, crypto currencies, stocks and Forex can also be done live here. However, they still have low prize pools on these because of the low turnout of players.

Language of the Site

The Onehash casino does not think of opening their site to people of other languages. So, currently, you can only make use of the English language for all your gaming activities in the site.

Supported Slot Game Providers

This is not your regular casino/sportsbook hybrid. It does not list games like the others do. So, there won’t be any long list of software providers that it works with. However, the dice game offered here is from one of the big names in the industry, and that is Game Hub.

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FAQ about Onehash

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What are the available sports to bet on with Onehash?

Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

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Last update: 12. april, 2020