Crypto Poker Club Review: Bitcoin and Blockchain Poker Site

Crypto Poker Club is a blockchain-backed crypto powered platform that enables you to play poker better than the traditional way you have been accustomed to all these years. It doesn’t just encompass cryptocurrencies, but it also brings the security and trust of the blockchain for a ride.

The website has tried to resolve most of the major problems that any crypto poker or poker websites face and hence can be claimed to be a better option as compared to others.

Download options

You can download the Crypto Poker Club client and play poker on Windows or Android devices or use the instant-play platform on the web. As of now, there is no download option available for Mac so Mac users will have to wait to experience the client in its application form.

Downloading the application and installing it from the play store is pretty simple. But the application is not found on the play store, you will have to visit the official website to get the apk file that you can install and play on. The website provides you with all the proper instructions for downloading and installing the application on your device.  

There is not much difference between the web version and the android version of the client expect the layout of various functions. Both interfaces seem to be easy to use and understand. The layout has all the options where they are likely to be required.


Crypto Poker Club uses both Bitcoin and Ethereum as their currency of play but, unlike most crypto poker websites that convert the crypto into coins or tokens for play Crypto Poker Club allows you to play directly with crypto. Your money remains safe with its 4 layer security system and none is lost to nothingness. It provides complete protection from bots and cheating tactics and is secured offline in segregated cold storages. This makes the whole system hack-proof.

This simplifies the calculations of the win amount and everything that needs to be calculated as there is no conversion factor just basic mathematics.


Rake is an important factor of consideration while you sit with options to choose your online poker platform. The rake of the Crypto Poker Club is around 4% with caps on all stakes. It has a Rakeback VIP program that gives 50% Rakeback. In addition to this, it has several options on the fronts of profitability to gamble with the rake.

The platform has an Elite Rewards program by the name ‘Bronze Star’, ‘Silver Star’, ’Gold Star’, ‘Platinum Star’, ‘All-Star’. To qualify for this, some requirements need to be fulfilled. The more you play the faster you will qualify. Your account starts off with Bronze Star which is the first level and goes on to the All-star as you play on.

Tables Available

The tables come divided into three major categories- Ring Game, SitNGo, and Tournament. All these categories come with subsections like the Hold’em, Omaha, and Mix Table. Omaha further has a few more options all of which can be explored very easily in the table chart. 

Select your limit and stake to find preferred combinations to play. It gives you a detailed and personalized experience of play.

Transaction and Withdrawal 

Transferring Bitcoin or Ethereum in your poker wallet is a simple process that makes use of a payment gateway. It is the same as you transfer money to a friend using the many transferring applications on phone. Also, withdrawal of your Bitcoins and Ethereums from the wallet is completely free. The expense is born by Crypto Poker Club.

There is no need to transfer 1BTC or 1 ETH. You can also transfer in mBTC or mETH that is the milli unit of the coin. 1 mETH = 0.001 ETH and the same goes with BTC.

Transactions for play on Crypto Poker Club are as simple as that of offline poker with normal currency as you play directly with your crypto.

Privacy and Security

The account details of each player are stored on the blockchain and protected by a 4 layer security system that makes it impossible to hack into the data and make changes. This increases security and trust many folds.


Most of the questions are answered in the help section of the website or else you can mail them on [email protected]. You can also use the live chat option which is far more convenient and faster than using email.

Our Score

FAQ about Crypto Poker Club

What is the official website of the platform?

What are the available cryptocurrencies to play at Crypto Poker Club?

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used for playing and transactions.

Is there a customer support service at Crypto Poker Club?

For support, you need to mail your grievance on [email protected] or send a message on live chat.

What are my options to download the Crypto Poker Club app?

Download links are provided on the official website for android and windows. A web version is available for play as well.

Last update: 11. July, 2024