SwC Poker is the pioneer in the field of crypto poker. It is a platform where users can stay anonymous and at the same time maintain their privacy and security of data and money. One great thing about SwC poker is the fact that the site is ad-less to the delight of many poker fans. The platform gives you a luxurious poker experience.

Download Options and UI

SwC Poker poses no restrictions on how you play or your location. It has applications for Android, Mac, and Windows, but it does not compel you to download any app — you are free to play it on the browser in case you don’t want to download the application. Of course, there are differences in each user interface but the platform provides the basic features and functions to all three user interfaces.

When you play at the instant play platform, you don’t get features such as multi-table management in tiles or a cascade layout. These features are reserved for the poker client. Also, the android version of the application has more or less all the options that of the desktop version, just the sizes are smaller and the layout a bit cramped. The comfort with the layout is subjective and hence cannot be a measure to decide which one is best.

The client app is not available on the Play store. You will have to get the download link from the official SwC Poker website and download it from there. This might require you to change some of your security settings as well, so if you get any such notifications while downloading, don’t panic.


As for the currencies offered by SwC, it is obvious that the website will not be using the usual fiat currencies as it is a crypto poker website. Scratch that – it’s a Bitcoin-exclusive poker site. Here 1 BTC accounts to 1M Chips which you can use while playing.


Rake is an important factor for every player who plays poker online and SwC poker has the best rates in the field. The rake at the site is among the lowest rates in the industry. It’s 0-2.5% for cash games and 2-5% for tournaments. However, you get up to 50% rakeback via the loyalty program.

Available tables

There are overall 60 tables which are divided as per the games:

Hold’em: No limit, fixed limit, and pot limit.

Pot-limit Omaha: High/low, 5 card and 5 card high/low.

Stud: Fixed limit.

Chinese: Pot limit.

Draw: Fixed limit.

Short Deck: No limit.

Mixed: HORSE, 8-Game, 11-Game, and Lowball.

Most of the tables have fixed time of operation except the no-limit hold’em tables (up to 0.05 m฿/0.1 m฿) — these tables can be accessed 24/7. All other tables offer great action during peak times.

Transaction and Withdrawal Options

Transactions are an important part of playing poker online. The table games give you instant cash, however, when you’re playing online one of the most important factors is transaction and withdrawal. At SwC Poker, there is a provision for a unique deposit address and players are also allowed to transfer funds to other players. This ensures that the money is transferred quickly and without any confusion. The withdrawal time is of 1 and 2 hours so that the payments do not get delayed and the game ends in true sense.

Privacy and Security

One of the greatest things about SwC poker is the fact that you can stay completely anonymous. Also, the platform does not take any sensitive data while signing up. It only asks for your name as you want it on your account and a valid email address.

SwC Poker allows players from any part of the world to play, as an online presence is all it requires.


Support is an essential factor when it comes to online poker. The customer support provided by SwC Poker uses the mail id that you provide while signing up or their official twitter website. The basic support can be obtained using their chatbot. From what we’ve seen during our review, the response times are great and the customer support staff happy to help..

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FAQ about SwC Poker

What is the official link to the website?


What are the available cryptocurrencies to play at SwCPoker.eu?

SwC Poker only uses Bitcoin as its currency of use.

Is there a customer support service at SWCPoker.eu?

Support can be given on your email address or the players can use the chatbot on the website or directly reach out to the team on Twitter.

How to download the official SwCPoker app?

The client is available to download on Windows, Mac, and Android and can be played on the browser as well.

Last update: 30. March, 2024