DeRace is a game where players race their NFT horses in real time. Players can buy and sell NFT horses, breed them to create new ones, and use their NFT hippodromes to host races. There are also opportunities to earn money by betting on races or hosting events.

Horses explore one-of-a kind DeRace NFT horses. You can find all mined DeRace NFT horses in the ecosystem and observe their features, statistics, and price history in this section.

You can buy a horse using DERC tokens. You can also sell your horse for other currencies.

What exactly is DeRace?

In DeRace, users can own and breed NTF horses, run them through race to win prizes, and place bets on Real-Time Horse Racing events.

Potential with Horse Racing and NFTs

In the past, horse racing was a very expensive hobby. However, due to technological advancements, the cost of horse racing has decreased significantly. As a result, more people are now interested in horse racing as a hobby.

Horse racing is a sport, but the economic impact is huge. Gamers get their money from betting on races.

How does DeRace work exactly?

There are many types of racehorses. Some of them are very rare while others are common. Horses can be distinguished by their appearance. For instance, some are white, some are black, some are brown or grey, and some are spotted. In addition, there are also thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Arabian horses, Appaloosa horses, Thoroughbred crossbreeds, Morgan horses, American Quarter Horse crosses, Standardbred crosses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Paint crosses, Shire crosses, Shetland ponies, Miniature horses, Welsh ponies, Andalusian horses, Trakehner horses, Lipizzaner horses, Haflinger horses, Belgian Draft horses, Clydesdale horses, Friesian horses, Hanoverian horses, Oldenburger horses, Pottok horses, Lusitano horses, Suffolk horses, Sorraia horses, Connemara ponies, Irish Draught horses, Icelandic horses, Kiang horses, Akhal-Teke horses, Mongolian The NFT technology allows users to create different horses and store them as NFT tokens. These horses can then be purchased in the NFT marketplace or bred together to produce more powerful horses. Users can also increase the level or skill of any horse by participating and being active on the platform.

You can use deRace to breed your horses. Two NFTs combine into a third NFT. You need to wait a certain amount of time before you can breed again.

The user gets a random token, which is randomly generated using the Genetical Algorithms. The user can breed horses and get profit.

The DeRace platform is a horse racing game. It allows players to earn money when their horses compete in races. Each race consists of set number of horses. The player of each horse pays a certain amount of fee to enter the race. The winner of the race gets all the participants’ fees as well as a percentage of the wager.

The users can buy or sell horses. The price of a horse depends on many factors such as the owner, trainer, jockey, etc. The bookmakers decide when and how to run the races. The winner is determined by the result of the race.

How does betting with DeRace work?

The game features a racing game interface that allows users to select different types of bets. Players can also view the results of other races, as well as the odds of each horse.

The betting calculations, coefficients and payouts are auto-generated. The betting is an algorithmic component. The coefficients will always be recalculated and fixed prior to each match. The payout is given out in the form DERC.

Netvrk Partners with DeRace

Netvrk x DeRace Netvrk is excited to present their newest partnership with DeRace , a virtual NFT horse racing universe. DeRace is a blockchain based horse racing platform that allows users to own and breed NFT horses, and take part in betting on races. Netvrk is a virtual world based on the blockchain that allows users to monetize their creations, utilizing virtual land and NFTs. Together, they will offer users a captivating venue for virtual horse breeding and racing. (