How TTGuess Became One of the Most Popular DApps

ThunderCore has always been known for providing a decentralized gaming experience. With the launch of ThunderCore 3.0, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with ThunderCore Gambling. We are proud to be working together to bring more fun and excitement to the blockchain space!

TTGuess is a project that allows users to guess what time it is by using their phone as a clock. Users can also use the app to create a personalized countdown timer to remind them about something specific.

What is TTGuess?

TTGuess is a gambling DApp that allows users to gamble by selecting their bet amount and their odds of winning or losing. Users who win will get TT tokens back, while losers will receive GuessTokens. The more GuessTokens users have, the more they can draw.

TTGuess’s instruction video.

Aside from being able for users to bet and win jackpot even if they lose their initial bet, TTGuessing also regularly hosts betting competitions, as well as a dividends program with high APR where user can stake GuessToken and earn TT in return.

TTGuess is a gambling DApp built on top of the Tendermint consensus protocol. It utilizes the GuessToken ERC20 token as well as the Tronix token to allow users to gamble on games hosted by other dApps.

What is the ThunderCore Blockchain?

The ThunderCore blockchain is a secure, scalable network for the mass adoption of decentralized applications . It is built with an emphasis on speed, security, and scalabiliy. The ThunderCore blockchain enables DApp developers to easily build their own DApps without having to worry about the technical details of running a blockchain.