How to Get Bitcoin without a Bank Account

How to Get Bitcoin without a Bank Account

Online and mobile gambling are definitely becoming a mainstay in the world of gambling especially with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies improving them introducing new, better transaction ways with fast payouts and no hassle at all. Over the past several years, Bitcoin has become one of the most popular banking methods among players. Therefore, many online gambling venues and mobile platforms decided to embrace the trend introducing Bitcoin into their payment systems making it easier for players to place their wagers and enjoy faster payouts.

More and more online casino venues, as well as mobile gambling platforms, are jumping on the bandwagon embracing Bitcoin following the rise of this digital currency. These venues commonly offer lower house edges in comparison to those traditional venues, they also offer faster almost instant payouts and they offer Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal means without any hassle involved with a high level of anonymity included. Considering these benefits of playing at Bitcoin and digital-currencies online casino, there is no any surprise in the fact that more and more players decide to embrace the trend, register at these types of venues. For playing your favorite games at Bitcoin-powered online venues, you need to set up your Bitcoin wallet and fund it. The best part is you can get Bitcoin without having a bank account as there are many services allowing you to buy Bitcoin allows you do to without having a bank account which is extremely useful for players who do not have bank accounts, but still want to play their games using Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin without a Bank Account

It january seem very hard to get Bitcoin without having a bank account, but the process is fairly simple as there are many services allowing those unbanked players to buy Bitcoin which is often delivered to your Bitcoin wallet within two hours of your purchase. Bitcoin purchases made with cash commonly deliver in this time frame within two hours, while those Bitcoin purchases made using debit and credit cards commonly take between two and five days. This means that buying Bitcoin without a credit card for cash is faster and you have your funds delivered almost instantly. Due to this reason, Bitcoin is the best tool for those unbanked players, so there is no surprise in the fact there are many services offering Bitcoin purchases for players without bank accounts.

Most Popular Services Available

One of the most popular services offering purchasing Bitcoin to people without bank accounts is LocalBitcoins service. This service provides escrow packed with plenty of banking methods for purchasing Bitcoins. Amazon gift card, Western Union, cash deposits, cash trade and other payments methods are available. If you choose this way, make sure you buy Bitcoins from sellers with positive feedback and positive trade history. Another similar service is BitQuick providing escrow between Bitcoin sellers and buyers. Payments are easy and fast made via cash deposits at different bank locations. Funds purchased using this service will reach you within two hours of your purchase.

In Africa, there are many Bitcoin exchange platforms offering African players an opportunity to sell and buy Bitcoins as well as other digital currencies. Some of the most popular, well-established Bitcoin exchange platforms are NairaEx, Golix, Ice3X, and Luno. Since the beginning of 2021, several more exchange platforms are established including CoinDirect, Belfrics, and Remitano. Regardless of the massive success of those local African Bitcoin exchange platforms, the most popular service for buying and selling Bitcoin for African players is still LocalBitcoins. There are other international cryptocurrencies exchange platforms offering same services such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Poloniex, Bleutrade and Nova Exchange commonly used by African players for buying and selling Bitcoin.