Sorare has managed to become the absolute market leader in fantasy football within a very short time. And this is mainly thanks to crypto technology in the form of NFTs. Unlike other fantasy football providers, football managers, etc., you actually own the players. You buy the NFTs from players and are thus the unique owner and verified in the Ethereum Blockchain. But it’s not just about owning these NFTs, you can also trade them and use the players to win prizes. This even goes as far as incorporating the results from the games in real time on Sorare. So you can follow games and see how your cards gain (or lose) value. During the games you collect points and after each game day the score is calculated. There are different leagues and scarcities of cards, from Unique to Limited or the free Commons cards if you don’t want to bet money.

Many people have tried their hand at fantasy football, but Sorare does the best job because the rating of players is very sophisticated. And because you actually own cards and don’t just pay a fee. This means that you can win money at Sorare not only with the prize money, but also by buying players cheaply and selling them expensively. You can do this on the one hand through auctions and on the other hand through the transfer market. There you can make offers to other managers or buy cards immediately. In addition, all players are originals from real clubs. Sorare actually goes the tried and tested “Fifa way” here and buys up all the licences. This means that sooner or later there will only be one provider and that is Sorare. New clubs are being added all the time – hopefully soon the Premier League as well. Sorare is expanding strongly worldwide and will also open up to new interesting markets such as the USA, Asia and South America. These four points together make Sorare the absolute market leader. And you can still get in on the action now.

How do you get started at Sorare?

Actually, it’s quite simple:

  • You click on this link to visit Sorare.
  • Then you simply register with an email address (or Google or Facebook account).
  • Then you choose your favourite teams and get first cards for free. These cards have no value because you can only play in the “casual league” and cannot sell them.
  • Now you have to deposit money to get at least limited cards. You can either do this via the payment provider Ramp (with credit card, Apple Pay, Instant pay, etc) or via Metamask and Ethereum (here you have to expect considerable GAS fees).
  • You need about 200€ to build a limited team and at least 500€ for a rare team (four players without goalkeeper).
  • You must be aware that you will not win prize money immediately. It takes time to gain experience and build a quality team.

Why should you join Sorare?

If you like football you will love Sorare. Simple as that.
If you still have some affinity for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, you’ll love it even more.
The point is: you really do have the opportunity to get in early on this new trending market and get some of the very attractive price pools. There is no guarantee, but the cards should increase in value over the next few years – precisely because more and more managers want to participate and the cards are naturally limited.
Sorare is extremely exciting and you’ll probably be watching your players’ games live and hoping they do well. So it’s similar to sports betting – except that with Sorare you can earn money in the long run with your knowledge, talent and clever management.